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#235 Video Marketing and Awesome Storytelling!

#videomarketing Jun 28, 2020

I love doing live video and it's mainly because I enjoy people. It's never a one way conversation for me because my viewers are engaged. If they weren't, I likely wouldn't continue to do videos.

I don't use a fancy camera. I use an iPhone 8 - not even the latest model. I don't use any editing software with my video and most of the time I do them on the fly. Something comes to mind and I will feel compelled to share it. 

I like to measure what matters and revenue matters so I measure that but engagement is good.

What I do really well and I believe it's because of my heritage is I love to tell stories. Stories are a great way to build the KLT factor (Know, Like, Trust). In a well crafted story, you have an arc of suspense or a pattern that will keep people engaged. I'm a Newfoundlander and whether you agree or not, we pride ourselves on being storytellers. 

My clients never want me to tell a long winded story about how depreciation is an optional business expense - but it is. They want to know why I am doing the work that I do. That's a much more interesting story. 

No one will ever pull the rug out from under me again - like they did when I lost my military career in 1991 and they sent me off to fend for myself and I came this close to being homeless. (In a video you would see me hold up two fingers and measure off about a centimeter). 

I do what I do because I've been to the edge and entrepreneurship pulled me back. Entrepreneurship gives me autonomy and the intellectual stimulation that I need. And when I learn  how to do something, I have to show everyone else in case they need it as well. It's part of my DNA. I was born to teach.

Video has helped me to grow a business and this year I will celebrate 10 years of hustle. Telling people my why has been golden.

What will you talk about on video?

Talk about your why. People buy why you do what you do - haven't you heard about the Golden Circle - Simon Sinek.

You have a story as well. Work it into your marketing plan. 

Don't be salesy - but do have a call to action (CTA) at the end. Sign up for your newsletter, reach out to you, book a call or view your products - invite them to take action.

Video marketing is a wonderful way to connect with your client.  

Join us for our next monthly Veterans' Networking event coming up soon. We will talk more about video marketing, money mindset and let's also showcase some of our colleagues.

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