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Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Let me take you back for a minute to the monumental shift that took place during and following World War II. As our men headed off to war, women were called to fill those jobs that were left vacant in the factories. Did you know that women went from domestic work into the munitions factories? It was quite a monumental shift that needed to take place. People stepped up in many areas. 

I've learned along the way that you can't "unlearn" something about yourself once you've learnt it. Think about those women for a second who were given an opportunity to not only develop new skills but to learn about their own capacity and what made their heart sing.  They had no desire to go back to the old way of doing things.

Many of us entrepreneurs who have too much time on our hands right now are also searching for ways to get back to business in new and interesting ways. 

We are in the middle of the same kind of a catalyst event - it's not localized to a particular area. It's affecting all of us and we will be changed by this event. What got us here won't get us to where we are heading. Things have to change. 

During the war, many ambitious entrepreneurs were putting their heads together to come up with solutions for the new economy. When the time was right for them to take action, the plan was already formulated. The time to be sussing out a plan is now. 

This message will resonate with a certain kind of entrepreneur. 

The people who will do well going forward are the people who can manage change. They're the people who will let go of control and learn to trust others. We're talking  unique solutions including collaborations, partnerships, pivots, new products/services and all at a time when the opportunity is there for those who have either the courage of the truly desperate or those who love an intellectual challenge.

The opportunity is there for those of us whose work is our medicine and we won't be satisfied with bailouts and financial security. We will be on the cutting edge of new solutions. Even as we are struggling right now to retain a toe-hold in the market, we are dreaming about the opportunity to come. 

If you're poised - in terms of having access to capital, open to doing things differently, considering partnerships, looking for opportunities and very uncertain about what's next. Let's chat.

I am hosting a series of webinars for like minded individuals. Registration link is posted for those who can see themselves in a much better position a year from now because they are the change makers. This webinar is a general webinar for all business people who self-identify as ambitious and curious about opportunities for their business

Reserve your space today by clicking the link below. If you would prefer to have a conversation first, send me an email and let's set up a time. 

For those of you who are ready now...

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