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My Pet Peeve – Poorly Designed Curriculum for Business Courses

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2019
I’ve taken a lot of business courses – some  were extremely helpful but there are a
lot of programs that are poorly designed.
There is a hierarchy of skills that business people need to develop. I see people out there with mad skills in communication, networking and growth mindset who are hitting it out of the park revenue wise. People who have never taken a business course.
Could they be doing better? You betcha but….
They have the core competencies in the bag.
I’ve also met business people with a binder filled with certificates – wait a minute – that’s me. I had a binder filled with certificates. Someone gave me a grant for a business plan when I had no idea how to make my first dollar. I couldn’t have communicated properly to a prospect had they fallen in my path gasping for air. I didn’t have the core competencies needed for success.
The learner will also be given opportunities to communicate.
The learner will also develop some kick ass networking skills by
interacting with the other participants.
The learner will be introduced to the concept of mindset – fixed and growth.
The instructor will be trained and effective in adult learning principles.
There’s a reason why we need pre-requisites to take certain courses in university. There’s a reason why kids learn particular strands in math at certain times.
Information needs to be layered in a certain way.
There’s a reason why the success rate for new business owners is so low.  Core competencies are being ignored. The time to do something about it is now.
It’s not enough to have a pet peeve – I see it as an opportunity in business.

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