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Maybe the thought of making the big bucks is scaring the pants off you!!!

Uncategorized Aug 01, 2019
A while back I was contacted by an organzation who needed a grant written. This was a piece of cake for me – I’ve been writing cogent arguments for some time now. It’s not something that I have ever thought of doing for a living. I sought out some advice on what to charge for that service. My pricing coach told me that I could expect $16,000.00 to write this grant. 
I cringed at the thought because frankly……

I wouldn’t pay it myself….

I chuckle as I recall that moment but let me tell you, I’ve gotten past that and 
learned how to price a job for the value that I bring to the client. 
My client had a need and a time crunch. It became evident very quickly that he had not given much thought to defining the scope of the project. 
He also didn’t have the capacity to do the job himself and he wanted that 1 Million that he would be getting if we were successful. Of course it was worth it to make that happen. 
When I look back on this client, I learned so much about business from this client. I wasn’t selling them a grant. I was solving a set of problems as well as opening the door 
to more than a million to add to their budge. They were going to get a dream project off the ground with this money. 
Recently when I spoke with a web designer who was new to business, I could tell that he was struggling with the same issue and I took the deal that he was offering. 
Before we went into the deal, I struck up a side deal with him. I would pay 
the low price in return for me coaching him in 
how to charge large if his product were as good as he thought it was. 
It was a win/win for both of us. 
Are you charging what you’re worth or are you selling yourself at bargain basement prices? 
A bump in prices will let you reach your revenue targets sooner while also 
freeing up time. Think about it. 
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