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It’s great to have a heart centered business but let’s be serious, feeling good won’t pay the bills.

Uncategorized Jul 17, 2019

My ideal client is just like me – or should I say –  how I used to be. 

They start a business with great big hearts and they just want everyone to have what they’re offering because they care about you and YOUR well being, YOUR health, YOUR relationships, where you live or how your children are faring. Care and a heart to serve motivates them.  The heart to serve is great but it’s essential to really get the profit motive that makes a business a business. 
I started PeopleCan Training primarily as a way to make money but I was highly motivated by an ethics of care and a heart to serve. I saw too many blue collar businesses out there working long hard hours at their craft while not bringing home enough to pay the bills.  I saw them slave over their amazing products without an ability to charge what they were worth – hence why I started using the word “charge large” which used to make me cringe I might add.
But a heart to serve won’t pay the bills without some kickass practical skills around charging, collecting, professionalism and communication.  You can’t live on bread alone, nor can you live for long on warm and fussy feelings. 
That’s why I created drop in monthly coaching like Are you charging enough? and why I am offering a full day on the topic of money in the new year. People were out there learning about cash flow but there was a blockage in the revenue pipe that was caused by too much heart and not enough profit motive. 
Making money for your business lets you care more and give more and be better at what you do. That’s why I ensure that each of my courses includes a piece about money mindset because frankly, I can’t do a financial projection without talking about the elephant in the room.  If you’re not comfie with the talk about cash – you’re not going to last long in this biz.
So if you’re ready to root out those cobwebs that might be holding you back. Stay tuned, the details of the full day program Big Bold 2018 will be coming out this week. Join us for a fully day of planning. 

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