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Getting Fit – 50 x 50

Uncategorized Mar 14, 2018

I’m not a person that others would describe as “into fitness”. Actually, the contrary is true – I have not factored fitness into my schedule up to this point. I am a lady about town who does not own a car so I walk quite a bit more than the average person. This has invited comments of “I don’t know how you can have weight on – you walk all the time”. Maybe my nephew can answer this question – I know that there is a reason that makes sense but I’m not quite ready to teach fitness yet. Lol

My first step was to set a goal and I think that it is a realistic goal. I will turn 50 in two years and thought that a goal of 50 x 50 would work for me. It works out to ½ lbs a week and that is manageable and realistic for most people. If you’re 48, maybe you will join me in this journey. Come on now – consider it.

It was timely because my annual physical was due. The universe is kind to me – in spite of my weight – I am blessed with fabulous cholesterol levels, blood sugars and all of the other indicators of good health. My weight and in particular the fact that I gain belly fat, puts me in the risk category for diseases such as adult onset diabetes – Type 2. I consider myself blessed because I don’t have it yet. I do have low iron and will have that monitored over the next three months. There are many reasons why this might be possible. Diet being one of course. So with the nod from the doctor, I move on to the next step….

I really needed an exercise program that I would actually commit to. There are things that I love to do and when I begin them, I can’t put them down – I won’t list them here – exercise does not yet make it onto my list of favourite things to do. Signing up for Survivor or Boot Camp was not a way for me to “ease in” to fitness. On my own, I started implementing small things into my daily routine like climbing the stairs in my apartment building instead of taking the elevator and I started watching programs on cooking for better health. These were OK but I felt that I might enjoy a more structured routine so I went in search of a fitness program.

I know me better than anyone knows me – it had to be pretty simple and easily accessible. I knew that if I had to travel 30 more minutes on the bus to get there, it was not going to happen. Taking the bus all week long meant that I did not want to have to add more bus time because frankly it’s painful to bus in the summer.

The Universe was watching out for me – it’s becoming a trend. There’s a Goodlife Fitness in my community. It’s not one of the bigger gyms but it has everything that I could possibly need as a beginner. I joined and this week, I have gone 4 times. I think that it is a commitment that I can keep. I tried the Zumba, the Step class, the free weights on my own. I really enjoyed the group work even though coordination is a bit of a challenge. I won’t do steps again because I have trouble with depth perception and was not as graceful as I would have liked to be. It’s not easy being visually impaired and coordinated in this setting but people are very helpful. In my first class, Karen made sure that I had a spot where I could get a great vantage point.

On Saturday I will have my personal meeting with someone who will help me design a plan and check my progress on a regular basis. I know that my resting pulse is 88 which is not good. I’m glad that I know how to measure it now. I am looking forward to seeing what my measurements and weight are (yikes). I have a ball park figure in mind but putting the reality in your face is essential to success. I’ve succeeded in other areas and appreciate the benefit of honesty.

I will post weekly – good or bad – and invite you to return and post your own comments. It is my hope that those other ladies who are approaching 50 will join me in this journey – post your own remarks and share your successes and concerns.

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