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Call out your client early in the sales copy!

sales copy May 04, 2020

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

It took me some time to figure out that writing effective sales copy was very, very, very important. Oh ya, I mean it was worthy of saying "very" three times. 

I am certain that you writers out there will get this - have you ever read a book and came across a word that was spelled incorrectly or a period where there should have been a question mark? That stuff jumps out at us.  Right?

Disclaimer - I have made mistakes in my writing - and people have called me out on it.  I will likely make more in future.

I not only see the mistakes in grammar and punctuation when I read sales copy but I also notice it when "they don't call out the client". How can I tell if this program is for me if you don't call me out in the first few sentences?

When I read sales copy those first few lines determine whether I will continue to read the long sales page.  It needs to call me out with a "hey you"!

Hey you - ya you - the person with big ambition who is scaling a training company.

Hey you - ya you - the person who is doing a joint collaboration and wants to avoid the pitfalls.

That's what I mean by calling people out. Two things happen when you call out the right people - those people who aren't your ideal client don't waste your time and theirs. Secondly, you sell more stuff!

You really do. 

Your client is poised to purchase. Don't be afraid to call them out. 

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We will talk about writing effective sales copy in that program.

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