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Are you a planner or a doer?

Uncategorized Sep 18, 2019
There are benefits and burdens in being at the extremes – are you a planner or a doer? When I need a plan written, I love giving it to an extreme planner – they don’t miss anything. I can write plans but they’re labour intensive for me. I like to get ‘er done.
On the other end of the spectrum, if I need something done, I’ll find a doer to pull that off. They may not dot every “I” or cross every “T” but they will get the job done.
When you own your own biz, you’re often both people, the planner and the doer.
Being at one or the other extreme can work to your detriment. That’s why we have to put systems in place to protect ourselves from our own proclivities.
I’m big on execution “done is better than perfect in my opinion”. But…I also see the benefit in reading the instructions, I run my ideas by people. I ask others for advice like what to watch out for. I have learned that this DOER in me can land me in hot water at times.
My entrepreneurial friends who are big on the Planning end of the spectrum report that the plan can bog them down. They can get lost in fine tuning the plan. Sometimes they take longer to achieve something as a result. To overcome this, they will bring in someone to manage projects and to provide the proverbial kick in the behind that is needed to get ‘er done.
Are you a planner or a doer and what strategies do you have in place to save you from yourself? Just curious?

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